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Websites & Social Media

Website: HaddonfieldSkirmish.com 

Organizer: IndianKingFriends.org (non-profit that organizes the annual Haddonfield Skirmish)

Facebook: @HaddonfieldSkirmish

Instagram: @HaddonfieldSkirmish

Twitter: @HF_skirmish


Haddonfield’s Treasure: The Indian King Tavern

In 1777, the New Jersey Assembly, fleeing from the British, met in session at Haddonfield’s Indian King Tavern and declared that the “Colony” of New Jersey was now the State of New Jersey (per https://haddonfieldhistory.org/). In 1903, the Indian King Tavern became the first historic site purchased by the State of New Jersey. (More on Haddonfield’s revolutionary history here.)

Haddonfield’s History of Skirmishes

Situated strategically between Philadelphia and New York, both British and American forces encamped at Haddonfield or marched through it during various campaigns. Lafayette was among the leaders of the Revolution who was known to have stayed in the town during the war.

Haddonfield’s History: A Community Affair

The Haddonfield Skirmish and all the lead-up events are a community effort organized by the Friends of the Indian King Tavern Museum, a non-profit supporting Haddonfield’s historic treasure. Over 40 local and regional organizations collaborate to host a series of educational and interactive events to incorporate the history, civics and politics of the revolutionary era.

The Haddonfield Skirmish

On the first Saturday of every June, Haddonfield reverts back to June 1778 when the predominantly Quaker town was engulfed in a Revolutionary War skirmish.

The 2022 Haddonfield Skirmish was the town’s largest annual Revolutionary-War reenactment to date. About 7,500 – 10,000 people were in Haddonfield on skirmish day, going well beyond the previous record of 2,500 people in 2019. Thirty-eight organizations and over 30 sponsors participated in the events, including those with a regional presence or reach.

For the first time, organizers also hosted a series of pre-skirmish educational and interactive events to incorporate the history, civics and politics of the revolutionary era. Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson debated politics, civics and ethics in front of a sold-out audience. A free lecture series in conjunction with Camden County College addressed topics ranging from Native-American responses to the Revolution to colonial spycraft.

Media Coverage

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Events & Dates

Debate, free lectures, author talks and other events leading up to the Haddonfield Skirmish

The Haddonfield Skirmish

Saturday, June 3, 2023
(Always on first Saturday in June)

Town-wide events and family-friendly activities  start at 9 a.m.

A mini-skirmish takes place at 11 a.m. and the full skirmish takes place at 2 p.m. in front of the historic Indian King Tavern Museum on Kings Highway.

Indian King Gazette 2023

Unheard Voices of the American Revolution Flyer

Photos, Videos & Graphics

2023 Flyers & Brochures

2022 Videos

2022 Skirmish Photos

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Benjamin Franklin Tipping his Cap
British Soldiers Firing Muskets in the street
Colonial Dancing with George Washington
Colonial Women Reading
Continentals Marching
Fife and Drum Players
A British Drum Line
A British Drummer
A Fife Player
A Fife Player and Woman
British Soldiers having a meeting
A Meeting of Colonial Soldiers
Colonials Marching down the Street
Muskets being fired outside the Tea Exchange
A Queen's Ranger on horseback
Red Coats Marching in a Line
Red Coats Marching down the street
A Quaker Pacifist Being Arrested by the Sheriff
American Soldiers Sitting on a Bench
Two Soldiers on Horseback

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